Sunday, January 15, 2012

CNC work

Last day with RoboRAD out in the open. Tomorrow I am moving it into its own closed off section of the shop. It is loud and dusty...

Lets start cutting some templates. Not what everyone wants to see but better to figure this stuff out here than in expensive wood. First cuts are positioning markers used to figure out exactly where this monster is going to cut.

After figuring out were to position everything we start with pup routes.

Control cavity.

Cutting the body outline. I used very small tabs to hold the body until it is finished. So initially I had the feed rate at about 45 with a plunge speed of 10. This worked nice but I left the depth increment at .015. This was a bad idea trying to cut through .75 in of material. After about an hour I had maybe .25 in cut. Time to change up. I set the depth increment to .125 and tried again. This was fast cutting through in about 8 passes... but it left the edge rougher than I wanted. On the next pieces I am going to go with .0625.

Body clear of the tabs.

Check the new template against the original. It is very very close. The places it misses are intentional changes. I cleaned the tabs up with sanding block and used a sanding sponge to knock off the frizz.

Cut out the neck template. The main disadvantage of a 25x25 envelope is that I will not be able to cut a full neck on the machine. I am not worried about it as I will probably use 2 operations for necks anyway. After checking the neck template against the neck pocket I might need to adjust the template a hair as it came out a hair under my intended measurements.

Headstock template done.

Some other templates that are going to save several hours in the future.

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