Saturday, January 21, 2012

Working on the new Marilyn

Before gluing the neck in on this one I need to finish as much as I can on it. So time to fret.
Cleaning out the frets after radiusing is a pain. Usually I use an exacto and the shop vac. Then I follow up with 90psi of compressed air. Wear a mask...

Check to see how true it is.

I follow the path of the strings as I check the straightness of the sanded board.

My latest trick. I make sanding blocks from MDF and use spray adhesive to attach 220 wet/dry paper to them. When the paper wears out I throw them away. Better than spending several hours pealing paper off hardwood blocks with lacquer thinner.

Checking the depth of the slots.

Some side dots then polish the board.

After I cut all the fret wire to fit I realized I forgot to camfer the slots. So I had to pick each fret up individually

Neck fretted.

Laying out the tuners.

Looking at the tuners and the weight of the headstock I decided to thin it rather than just recess the tuners. Of course I taper my heeadstocks so I use the neck monster and a slightly tapered plate under the headstock to do this. I know seems like a lot of work but it is just how I do things.

After roughing it in I use a grinding disk to put a nice concave to the headstock near the volute that continues to a flat surface were the tuners go. A little scraping and DA action and it is ready. I may reduce more weight from the headstock later so stay tuned.

Tuners laid out.

Electronics cavity

Taping up to glue the neck in. Glad the weather is cooperating.

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