Sunday, January 8, 2012

S906_5 Set the neck

Time to set this neck. I need some of my favorite tools. Calculator, Calipers, Mechanical Pencil, Ruler. Work off the center-line. Measure width of the neck at the 24th fret and at the 17th fret.
Measure the distance between the frets.

Use the calculator to half the measurements and mark them from the center line. Use this to line up the neck.

Set the template on the edges of the pencil marks. We only mark the neck at this point. Once the neck is set we can make sure the pickups and bridge are in the right place based on the neck. This helps in case the neck is off a hair (I am only human). After the template is set use a forstner bit to clear out material then route away.

Use a chisel and hammer to square up the neck pocket corners. Then test fit.

Fits well enough.

Excessive photos.

Time for the headplate.

Headplate on... now where is my headstock template?

Ok found my headstock template finally. Trimmed up headstock using rasps, sanding blocks and a scraper. It is hard to use power tools on these headstocks, especially with the exotic headplate that loves to chip out.

Enough for today.

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