Friday, April 30, 2010

Skunk Stripes

On the necks that had the accident... I was able to clean up all the tear out and now have several necks to finish. On the one that the bit rode through and I decided on a skunk stripe. I learned some interesting things about skunk stripes and double action trussrods.


When you make a skunk stripe and it is really tight it squeezes the glue out as you press it in. Then the first time you try to adjust your Double Action Trussrod it presses against the glue starved skunk stripe and BAM! It pops out the back... Thank you TDPRI. I thought it was a silly idea when I was looking at it but was glad to confirm my thoughts. On this skunk stripe it does not go all the way through except in a small spot. It also is not as long as a regular stripe so I should be ok. The strip was not overly tight and it had 3 sides to glue to instead of just 2. So in retrospect if you add a skunk stripe and are using a double action trussrod do not route the channel all the way through. I figure the skunk stripe to be a nice 1/8" thick when I am done.

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