Monday, April 19, 2010

V work

Starting on the trussrod groove. Got it cut. Then added headstock wings. I really like how invisible the glue lines are on wenge.

Next up is profiling the neck. Since this is a neck through I have to take extra steps to make sure I get it right... Always have the body template around.

So this is a test mock up. I think I am not going this route. Instead the wings will be flipped and this will be the back. I am going to leverage wenge's ability to hide glue lines and have the neck on top.

I think this will be a better fit

I bought the Rigid Spindle/Belt Sander. It is nice enough and I think it will do what I need it to. I looks like it is going to make nice volutes and speed shaping the neck. I wanted something to help flatten the backs of headstocks when they are rough. I think it will work for that as well.

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