Monday, April 19, 2010

Watching paint dry

Pictures of clear drying are boring. So lets talk about target coatings. The stuff takes some getting used to. I had to sand all the finish off the neck on this one because it turned milky were it was building up. It was my fault... I was not doing a good job of spraying and passed over the neck to many times on my way around. I have changed my spraying technique and I should be ok from here on out. I am finally getting the hang of the HVLP gun with a water based paint. I am still not getting good atomization need to work on it more.

I also spent some time fixing up my compressor with a dryer and a filter to help keep moisture from messing up the water based paint.

Another lesson. Do not touch the stuff with water for 150 Hours or more. I made the mistake of wet sanding the guitar after a few days of hanging and it turned to a mess.

Another note. The can says to clean the surface with denatured alcohol. Do not use Denatured Alcohol on this finish as it will melt. They meant use denatured alcohol BEFORE putting any coats of clear on it.

Dry sanding has been a pain but it is the only safe way to scuff and level between days of spraying.

Here is the process so far.
1 coat of sanding sealer and let sit for hour.
1 more coat of sanding sealer and leave for a few days.
Sand out all the nibs with 400 then 600
4 coats and hour apart a day then let sit.
The next day scuff and leveled any runs with 600.

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