Wednesday, May 5, 2010


I built this rig to radius fretboards. Well I really didn't like the way it worked so it has been on the shelf. Lately I have not been happy with the consistency of my necks. I decided to mechanize the process a bit. I still like to carve them by hand but this will help make them uniform from headstock to tenon.

Center up the neck

Put a mark for a stop point

Mark the heal stop point

Need a stop to make sure I don't cut to far into the heal.

And after a few passes we have the proper thickness for a neck...I left it a little proud so that I can sand and shape without taking to much off.

Side shot.

Time to glue the fretboard on. I use some tape to keep excess glue out of the channel. I remove it right before assembly. The other trick is a piece of scotch tape over the allen head end of the trussrod. I trim it up after the glue has dried.

And half the clamps in the shop.

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