Monday, May 3, 2010

Lot of telecaster work

Neck blanks finally shaped out. I ended up making my template thicker by gluing 2 together. I get better bearing shelf and smooth on both sides. Then I soak the template in CA so it doesn't warp. NC humidity is brutal.

I covered this in the V thread but here it is again. I radiused and slotted 10 fretboards in 3 hours Sunday. Got real boring but at least it is done. I radiused all the tele fretboards with my 16" radius bit (thanks SJE). I squared up a 4x4 and draw a center line on it. Next I center and double sided tape the fretboard to the block. Set the bearing to ride on the center line and make a pass. Flip the block and make another pass. Done rough radius in 5 minutes. I might change the radii to a more traditional radius on some but most will stay flat. These are going to be supped up Teles.


And a pile of fretboards.


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