Monday, May 24, 2010

V Sunday

Tired and probably should stay in today... but felt the need to get this thing done. Still have no idea what it is going to look like when it is done. I cleaned up the shoulders and came up with something that looked good from the side and the front.

Time to shape the neck. The soft grain in the wenge tears out very easily (like ash) and leaves a bumpy surface. I ended up only using Rasps and Files as any type of blade (scraper, spoke shave) tended to make a mess. I have been experimenting with the trapzoid shaped necks. Not Ola style but more rounded with a flat spot on the back. I make a trapezoid then soften it... not sure it helps yet.

If anyone cares smoothing the neck out with a bastard file then a mill file worked really well on the wenge.

Then a little DA action.

I rounded the heal out a little more after this shot.

Volute also got a little rounder and smaller after this shot.

Bridge posts drilled. Stuck the bridge on to make sure hte strings line up. I don't drive the anchors in until much later.

Lets have a look and see how far to recess the bridge... looks like it will only be a little bit.

So I was going to copy my Gibson V in measurements because I thought it was a 24.75" scale V. Turns out it is not it is a 24.625". Good thing I double checked before drilling the bridge. That would have made a mess.
All good now but once again this is why you plan everything out first.

Again ... enough for one day. I am never building another neck through unless someone pays me. (I said that the last time I built one.)

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