Monday, May 9, 2011

D506_1 shaping the body

Time to work on the shape. I wanted to get real feel for the weight, balance, and look of the D5. The drawing on the computer looked perfect. However in reality it was large. Working out a prototype sometimes has to be done on the move. My first concerne was weight and size. I really like the Destroyer II but it is a very large instrument. I like the Jackson Kelly but it is really small for an explorer style guitar. The new Destroyers are too small and look disproportionate. So I went with my usual extreme styling... make the angles a little more intense, remove some size (not too much), and add something to make it stand out. Here is where I left off.

The top horn still needs some adjusting. I like it but I am unsure of it. I also need to work on access to the upper frets. Right now 23 and 24 might be a bit of a stretch. Once I position the bridge I will make some decisions on the neck placement.

Feel free to comment and let em know how you feel about the horn

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