Tuesday, May 24, 2011

S906_4 setting the bridge

Neck fretted and ready to go along with some others.

Setting the bridge. I check the string alignment with a yard stick, some guys like to use old guitar strings for alignment but find the yard stick to be more reliable and easy to use. Plus I can check the scale length while I am at it.

I set the saddles on the bridge to the most forward point then give the adjustment screw a 1/4 turn back. I then measure the scale to the break point on the saddle. This gives me full range of motion for compensation. In reality you shouldn't ever need to shorten the scale if everything else (meaning fret placement) is right.

Next up I tape the bridge to the body and use a self-centering hinge drill bit to drill very shallow pilot holes. Using the drill press I drill the inside holes half way through and the 2 outside holes all the way through.

Mount the bridge to the back of the guitar using some drywall srews as guide pins. Then drill out the holes for the ferrels.

Recessed strap jacks installed.

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