Monday, February 7, 2011

Korina neck S906_3

Out of the clamps and into the bandsaw.

Quick look at profiling a headstock. I used to taper my headstocks and sometimes I still do (I do it by hand with a sanding block). Using the fence on the bandsaw leaves me with better results. No accidents... and the surface that is left is easy to clean up.

First cut is about .675" thick (yes I run a thicker headstock than most). I cut right up to the beginning of the volute. I still have the 3/8" blade in the band saw so it is not going to make a pretty curve so we just don't even try it.

Now take the Ryoba and cut the scrap free. If you push on the piece as you saw down it will snap right as you cut through. Stop sawing as soon as that happens and you won't gouge up the back of the headstock.

Ok later in the afternoon I spent an hour fixing the bandsaw and putting the 1/4" blade in. To test the new setup I profile the rest of the neck.

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