Sunday, February 27, 2011

S906_3 body finished up

Headstock plate. I need to join the headplate to make one big enough. Cutting down the top really limits the size of the scraps. This piece might end up as the trussrod cover. I forgot to get photos of the actual headplate. I clamp them and hit the seam with CA then run it through the drum sander. Tape on the face to protect it, ivory soap on the clamping caul, and quite a few clamps are all that is needed. I can't wait to get a vacuum press.

Out of the clamps and then to the bandsaw to clean up the overhang. Then we clean up the sides with the spindle sander and some 80 grit.

The blank is still a little thick at 38mm so I trim a few mm off the back and flatten the top. Weight is pretty good and will get better when I carve it. A look at the back of the body

A look at the top.

A look at the veneer. I think I am going to carve into the veneer on this one (ala Diablo/RedWitch).

I like it like this... almost to bad it is getting carved up.

Out in the sun.

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