Monday, February 7, 2011

S908_1 Prototype work

This blank is huge... but very light. After cleaning up the neck blank it is time to lay out the neck.

I am still undecided on the scale. On one hand I think 28.56" should be awesome... on the other hand this is a prototype that I am keeping and I have no use for that scale. So I like 27.5" it is comfortable. Anyway All I have to do right now is make sure the blank is long enough.

Headstock angle laid out.

We are going to use a headstock scarf on this one, going to have a little waste but not too much. Peruvian walnut is amazing stuff. It cuts so clean that you barely have to sand the joint.

Always clamp the piece of tape... it always wants to slip.

I will leave it clamped for a few days... (just because I won't work on it again until next weekend). I finally finished the CAD work (with the help of a friend) for my templates for this.

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