Monday, February 21, 2011

S906_4... Yes again with the trussrods

Trussrod installation. Draw the centerline. Lay the trussrod out with the allen nut about .5 in past the break for the headstock. This should leave face of the nut right at the opening in the headstock. I don't like them too far back as it makes it impossible to ever work on them. Next mark the end of the trussrod and use a square to transfer the line all the way around the neck.

Set the first pass at half the depth of the rod. If you get greedy you will end up with laminated firewood. I make a quick test to make sure it is on center using a scrap. After comparing the scrap to the neck I make a quick pass to make sure all is copasetic. Then we run it in 2 passes taking final depth on the second pass. Using a fence on the router table and keeping the blanks square are really important. It makes this task relatively simple.

For some reason I forgot pictures from fitting the trussrod... see one of my other builds for that. I also forgot to mark the neck profile lines while I still had a center line. That is what happens when you rush. I end up using my centering ruler and the center line that is left near the heal. Basically I always center off the laminates. This ensures that they are always center of the neck and protects against them being off center in the blank.

After attaching the template it is bandsaw, sander, router table again.

And done.

This is a 32mm Khaya body blank. It is a little over my normal blanks and I am not sure I will need it for this build. I have a 25.6 mm blank already to go. It really depends on how much thickness I can retain in the top. The tops looked pretty straight so I am hopeful I can just do a normal build.

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