Friday, February 11, 2011

Surface mount blades...

Getting ahead of myself here is a surface mount blade. I colored the epoxy this time blue. It felt like the color of a neck pickup...

Starting on the bridge pickup. Here is the potted "core" of the pickup. I potted the coils with wax. I think on later models I am going to pot the whole core with wax. This will allow them to be taken apart as the epoxy will not adhere to the core.

I put the core in the cover. I made some centering pieces that also eat up some volume in order to not waste epoxy. Also at this point you want to completely tape the outside of the cover as you don't wnat epoxy on the pickup outside.

I am using dixie cups for mixing. I put equal parts in the cup, add color, and stir for 2 minutes scraping the sides to get everything mixed good. Only get one shot at this.

Next we put a small amount in the cover and spread it around. Insert the core and the faom centering pieces and push down. Then add epoxy until completely covered and push down. Wear gloves as it is sticky stuff.

Lastly position the lead so it comes out straight (as possible) and let them cure. I didn't experience large amounts of heat from this process but I was not using a lot of epoxy. I have heard that when you use a lot of 5-min it gets pretty hot so most guys use 30-min for this stuff.

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