Monday, February 7, 2011

More necks

I think I might use this top for this one... not sure yet I have some other stuff coming. I don't like the spalt pattern in this one so I am thinking about using the burl side. I won't actually decide for a few weeks.

So to continue on with the scarf tutorial. We are left with a large block sticking up from the face of our blank. Start with the template and draw the line for the face of neck.

Use the bandsaw and cut along the line.

The next part is tricky and has a risk of blow out. Using the jointer to plane down to the surface of the neck has all kinds of issues. With figured wood it is easy to tear out large chunks (made several pieces of laminated firewood this way). I still do it because I am impatient.
The main thing I can say is practice on scraps.

Holding the neck parallel to the table plane down until you are almost flush with the face. Do not plane to the surface of the face. It will tear out. The reason you hold it parallel and don't let the end touch is because you would then create an angle and be forced to plane the whole face of the neck to regain a true face... this in turn would change the angle on the heal wich would have to also be corrected. Be careful and pay attention.

Now to finish up take the neck to a really flat surface with sandpaper attached and true up the last mm by hand. Try not to rock as you do this. I usually try and turn the neck a few times while I am doing this. That way I correct any skew I create.

Looks good. Now to fix up the heal. I use 1" heal so cut it on the bandsaw and run it through the drum sander.

I was curious about the joint after I saw a small glue line. I cut in a bit with the belt sander and it is all good.

Trimming up the back of the headstock. Using the fence on the bandsaw allows for less mistakes.

About 2 minutes after this photo I checked the blank with my template. I missed by an inch (idiot moment)... I had to break it apart and reposition the halves. I had no idea how tough it is to get titebond apart after only a few minutes. I had to put my knee into the middle to get ti to let go. So I applied more glue and repositioned the halves. Well after a few hours I came out to check on it...It has a horrible glue line on top. Looks like I will be cutting it apart next weekend and starting over.

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