Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Live King Live!

King V is basically done. I have some minor things to fix like backplates, etc....

So how does it play? FAST. I was able to set the action so low it is uncomfortable. I had to raise it. The Jackson neck is WIDE and FLAT with a composite radius. I am really glad I used the JT580 tremolo instead of a standard Floyd as it matches up to the neck perfectly. The frets are BIG, makes the neck almost scalloped in feel. Without an amp the guitar is pretty loud and resonant. Not as loud as my Gibson V but much clearer in tone. Almost bell like. This thing rings like an D28 acoustic on the low E. It is on...
I think the maple top on the padauk is much brighter and tight sound than a maple on mahogany body.
The JB Seymour sounds like Dave Mustaine big time. It is articulate and resonant and sounds good tapped with the push/pull Volume knob. It is clear on the low end and growls like a demon when pushed yet backs off nicely when needed.

In general this sounds different than everything else I own... it is going to be a great addition to the arsenal.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Relic Beater

Ultrasonics almost won. However tonight I sorted out the issues and they are working well. Set the action and adjusted the kahler out. Problem now is intonation. THis weekend I will move the bridge back 3/16". That will buy me some adjustment.... looks like I have owned it since the 80s.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Beater Update:
I actually like the Relic paint job on it. I thought I wouldn't. Wired up all the electronics and did a full assembly last night.

The W. German made Ultrasonics are a no go.... I think they are toast. Anyone got a wiring diagram?

I will put the JS30 Jackson pickups in it for a while . . The Kahler has to come out and I need to look at the route for it. It seems to be rubbing or it really does not like the 11s I put on it. The neck is straight and plays pretty well. However the R3 Floyd nut is really high making it feel like the action is bad. I am not going to lower it though as I am planning a refret for the neck.

King V update:
I now have 3 coats of High Gloss Tung oil on it. I will let it cure until next week....


Staining ebony to bring out the grain is a good idea on anything but ambrosia. It is a good thing this is just a practice build to get the skills back in order. It swallowed the Ebony stain and turned Black. Sanding back the black was a bad idea for this project. So I did my best to salvage it. Stained it vintage amber after I sanded it back... I am not worried though as this V was for me. I didn't use any of my highly figured wood on it.
Padauk is not my favorite wood to finish. It is nice to work and looks good stained dark.
Ok so this one is nearing completion. I have some other plans but they are simple also so it will be a while before building the real deals... neck-thru Maple/Wenge/Mahogany Vs.

Pictures soon...

I got tired of screwing with the Beater V so I just relic'd the black and white finish. It looks like I have owned it forever. I will put it back together when it finishes curing.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Filled... dark ... darker

Filled the King V Grain with 20 year old dark grain filler. Made a powered stir stick out of a coat hanger and a battery drill. I helped the grain filler set with a heat gun... sanded the leftovers and stained it Ebony. I am going to sand it back tomorrow and see if we can get the grain to stand up. I am planning on hitting it with Vintage Amber after that. THen 2 or 3 coats of Formby's High Gloss Tung Oil.

Look at all that cardboard...

Stripped the beater V with a Heat gun. Man that was fast. Took maybe 15 minutes. Sanded it clean and look at all the cardboard. I hit it with some CA to seal it after sanding. It got 2 coats of flat white and a coat of flat black and when it dries I will sand back the black and see what I have...