Friday, August 28, 2009

Super RG

Done. Finished. Well almost... I think we are going to wind custom pickups for it.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

The neck

Done shaping.

Early neck shaping

I have been using a 3" robo sander to rough in the volute and heal. I wasn't planning on a volute for this one but t just worked out.

Fret work on the hand of doom

Fret work... my 24 hole board.

I tried to use the dremel to trim the fret ends but they get hot, then it was hard to get it nice and flat. I ended up using my end nippers to cut the tang. I put some super glue on the mdf work bench and used a 5/64" bit to cut a groove, then stick the fret in the groove and use the file to clean up the end.

I pressed the frets in with a little titebond in the slots. Then I used some Stew Mac Radius blocks to clamp it up while the glue dries. Not entirely necessary but comforting. Finished fretting. Ends trimmed up.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

As a result...

My new fret cleaning tools. I was going to buy the Stew Mac set until I realized what they were. I had a backsaw that I filed the set out of the teeth making the kerf about .22". I then cut the blade on the grinder. One tip is to angle the cuts on the sides of the blade as it helps for digging out glue. The whole saw is a bit big right now, I will make a smaller one later. I then took one of my exacto knives and modified the blade to use as a fret cleaner.

Enough already

Headstock Shaped, Final sanding on fretboard and headstock.

Gratuitous shots

Back of headstock and the body