Thursday, June 12, 2014


Corsair updates

It is far from perfect... but it was fun

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Metal Appendages...

Time to work on the appendages.
Here we have the beginnings of the top horn and the arm rest bracket. Wood is going to be sparse on this one as I do not have a lot burl/bloodwood/mahogany scrap left. I want the arm rest adjustable but not too worried about the strap horn yet. I guess I should design an adjusting system to use on each appendage. The blue tape is to protect the finish and and make it easier to draw on.

First idea was to moc the arm rest out in MDF. It was a good idea as it gave mean idea what to do with the funn shaped wood scrap.

On to the wood for the strap horn. I used the router tale to route a slot in a piece of scrap. This made it easy to fit on the .25" aluminum.

Next up I covered the ack of the bracket with some scrap burl to give myself a place to recess the screws into. Trimmed it up.

Like so

Still have to clean up some curves but you get the idea.

I ended up rotating the bracket for the arm rest as I had it positioned way to far forward. I also added another support to help with the adjustment. The shape is a function of the scrap I will probably work something else out for future guitars.

No entirely happy with it yet but it is getting there.