Sunday, February 26, 2012

S906_Twins the twins they are exhausted

So I found some incredible wood this week. Zebrawood board 9.5' x 12.5" x 4/4. Quartersawn. I had to make some guitars out of it.

My new stainless pins from MasterMcCarr make lining up scarfs easy.

Glued up and trued up.

Secret project...

Working on a secret project

It is pink now. But it will turn rich brown as the air gets to it.


S907_Express fretboards


S906_6 neck blank

More truing neck blanks. After using the scarf sled.

Now we true the neck old school.

V707_1 the big V

Khaya Body.

Khaya Neck.

Monday, February 20, 2012

S906_6 Starting the replacement...

With the Red Witch possibly on her way to a new home I need to start a new mostly Padauk 6 string. After ripping up all the wood for the Express models I had enough Padauk for a 6 string. I also decided to add some purple heart to the project to try something different.

Neck laminates.


Worked out the scarf and glued it up.

S907_7 neck blank

Neck Blank.


This is the sled I am using to clean up the face of the scarf. In the past I have used the jointer but after last years tear-out incident and a few mishaps on the large sander I decided to try something different.

Using the router table is probably just as dangerous as any other method I have come up with. But I needed to do 10 necks in the same day. It worked very well with no tear-out and was pretty accurate. I was able to finish truing the faces in a few strokes on the cast iron sanding block.

Finished for the day...