Friday, September 26, 2008

RRV Top plans

Looks like the tops are not quite big enough for a V. However I planed for this. My choices are to angle the pieces and cover the top completely. I doubt this is a good choice as it will waste a lot of usable pieces. I think the plan will be to add a set of Morado (Pau Ferro) strips to the middle of the guitar top and use the left overs for other projects including a matching head plate for the neck.

Flame Maple arrives

Got the tops I ordered from North Ridge Hardwoods today. It was in great shape, no damage, for a reasonable price. Thanks Luke. The tops look really nice. I specifically asked or seconds because I am not going to use all of the wood. I got upgraded flame with defects that are small enough I can work around them. When I get a real important project I will use the Master Grade tops. I also ordered an archtop back and side set. I will be using it for headstock plates and neck lams.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Server Rails for a fence

Yes those are whats left of some IBM rails for a disk shelf. It is stiffer than the aluminum model from Rockler...

I also would like to note that the router plate is left over 1/4" lexan. And the table itself is what is left of an old computer desk, mdf top, and lots of epoxy.

router table ... seemed like a good idea

Cost saving measures always sound good until you do them. Building this router table was a chore and I wish I had just bought one.... oh well saved a lot of money.

Router Table from Hell

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Drum Sanding

New Shop is coming along

So I have tuned my radial arm saw, tuned up my table saw (it cut crooked), built a router table, built some jigs and started working.

YAV... yet another V

Began work on a new V Randy Rhoads style... It is Paduck w/Maple Lam and will have a Flame maple top. Right now the plan is to pair it with a vintage Chandler Neck.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008