Sunday, November 22, 2009


Gratuitous shots...

Almost forgot

Couple more of the top with the neck fretted and trimmed up.

And the back...

Drilled the input jack. Almost forgot the electronics holes. Now that would have made for an interesting afternoon had I glued the neck in without drilling those holes.

Fretting the beast

Working on the fretboard now. Start with 80 grit and the beam clamped in. After roughing in the 16" radius I flip and and true it up. Then I start working through the grits until it 320.

Then a little steel wool... I stopped polishing the fretoard before fretting because I have to clean the glue after putting my frets in. I tried titebond on one neck and didn't like it. I am now using thick CA on the bottom of the fret. I really probably don't need it at all but sometimes I get paranoid...

Closing in on the prize

Needed to tighten up the heal area on this.

Carved the back

Sanded the top out to 120 grit and cut the neck for the humbucker route.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Still much to do...

What is left... fretboard, fretting. I am not going to carve the back until the neck is glued in.

And now for something completely different...

Rear routes before I thin the body.. then after losing 3/8" from the back.

I used my binding bit to set the edge for the carve. Rough carved with the Grinder. And cleaned up with a 50 grit sanding disk.

After cleaning up with the DA and some 80 grit. I will work through the grits and fix a few little dibbles.

Diablo Progress ...

Lay out the trem route for the wilkinson, studs, and pickups. 25.5" scale neck. The studs go at 25.25". I put the back of the bridge HB route at 24.75". Back of the neck route goes at 21.00"

I used a 3/8" forstner bit in the corners to help prevent tear-out while routing. The HBs will be direct mounted to the body so I have to plan the depth of the route ahead of time.

I love mock-ups. The spalted top is a little soft that is why it has the clamp marks. No worries though as it is getting a carve. I really don't like PRS style carves... good thing I am getting paid for this one.