Friday, December 27, 2013

Red Witch II

Red Witch II

Reclaimed Flamed Maple top and headplate

Ziricote Fretboard

Padauk neck with maple/ebony/maple laminates/

Padauk Body

Hipshot Tuners and Bridge

Guitar Logistics Diablo Humbuckers


Maple neck and Fretboard
Eastern White Pine Body (Lowes 2x8s)
Guitar Logistics Telecaster Blades
Kluson Vintage Tuners and Half Tele Bridge


Maple neck with Ebony laminates
Gabon Ebony Fretboard
Gabon Ebony top and headplate
Limba Body
Locking tuners
Hipshot Bridge
Guitar Logistics Diablo Humbuckers

S907 Standard

S907 Standard

Sapele neck with Bloodwood laminates

Ebony fretboard

Cocobolo top and headplate

Sapele Body

Hipshot Tuners and Bridge

Guitar Logistics Diablo Humbuckers

The Horseman


Maple neck with Walnut laminates

Ziricote Top

Peruvian Walnut body

Hipshot Headless System

Guitar Logistics Dirt Humbuckers

Wrapping up 2013

Wrapping up.

Finishing up things for 2013

Working on a few sets of humbuckers.

Fretdress on Red Witch II

Final work late at night up against the Christmas shipping deadline

Elf the guitar stand with the only Standard S9 I have built in the past 2 years.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Seasons end

Getting some 54 strat clones built and a set of Quarterpounders (because of the .25" A5s)

Getting the control plate and pickguard fitted.

I am using stainless steel flat heads instead of philips because I want a vintage look.

I know I said I don't do repairs but I got this classical Breedlove for pennies. It had a huge crack in the top and several loose braces.

Couldn't find a baloon so I used a nitrile glove as a clamp for loose braces after working some glue under the braces.

Watching the clear dry on this one. I am going to scuff the surface tomorrow to help speed the process

Control plate for the Red Witch.

Time to assemble the Blackguard.

I have not found any lightweight .25" shaft knobs for it yet. I have got to have some somewhere...

The "tone bar" style string retainer was the last piece to cut out on the CNC. I am going to make the string cups smaller on the later models. Originally I was still going to use string ferrels but there is no point.