Wednesday, November 26, 2008

BTW ... its red

Very happy with the latest addition. I finally got around to replacing my beat RG470 body with an RG550. The original pickgaurd had to be heated and clamped straight. The paint had to be fixed were USPS dropped it and cracked the finish. I ended up using Zpoxy to rebuild the input jack area. It took a little work but here we go.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Change in direction....

Originally this neck was going to be for an RG550 replica. I have now attained a real 91 Road Flare Red RG550 body, mated it to the 93 RG470 neck and parts and no longer need a replica. I just realized that I really liked the 93 Wizard neck from my RG470 but not the Wizard from the 87 RG570. I like necks that are flat and thin. I like the 1 11/16" nut and string spacing on the RG470 neck.

I love my 82 Destroyer. I disliked the 83 DT155 and am selling it on ebay. The 83 DT155 has a very Strat style neck with no neck angle, 25.5" scale, and small tall frets. The 82 has a Gibson style neck with a nice 3 degree neck angle and a 24.75" scale. I am not a fan of shorter scales.

Ok ranting over... SO what am I doing with my RG copy neck. I am going to build a Hybrid Destroyer.

25.5" scale, 2 Humbuckers, one volume push/pull and a 3 way switch.
Harmonica TOM style Bridge or a Gotoh 510 from Warmoth
Six inline headstock. Headstock is bigger than a modern RG yet smaller than the 82 Destroyer.
I think I am going to use Mahogany or Black Limba for the body. No exotic top though as I want a specific sound that you get from all Mahogany body.

The neck is half done. Still need to finish fretboard, fretting, and clean everything up.

The crazy joint was accomplished with several layers of Walnut veneer. I was trying to get the 5 piece Re-Issue RG wizard neck look and came up with an interesting experiment that turned out nice.