Monday, February 10, 2014

Slack Slack Slack...

Slack Slack Slack
So I have been working on guitars but I have been way to busy with bootstrapping a new Linux Distro and work to post. Got a few minutes today after playing soccer in the snow at lunch so lets do this.
New model of my Warhammer. And attempt to make a really hot pickup that sounds good. This is rev 3. Ditched the Ceramic 8 magnets as they were too 80s sounding. Reduced the wind count a hair, changed the scatter and tension a bit. They are out to the customer adn he is supposed to get back on how they sound.

This is the next experiment. Having some issues with some wood combinations and normal humbuckers so working on a new design. It is based off my 6 string P-Bass design. Going to build a 7 string Multiscale and a 6 String 53mm spacing Humbucker. It is a really really simple design and that is why I am hoping it works.
Lets start on the CNC

And the 6

Pressing Magnets in.

The Six is ready

Fretting the headless. Iam going to cut the tang back a bit so when I fill the ends it will not show through. Thanks fort the idea Perry!

Bevel the edges

Had to fix the Dust Collector with a vein to stop it from spraying dust into the filter area and increase the vortex speed. Piece of ABS heated and formed and riveted in place.

Setting bridges on the two that are close to being ready.

Input jacks. I am in the process of redisigning my control cavities to make more room without making them too much bigger so these is the last "tight fit for a wrench" input jacks.

Dunlop recess strap locks.

This one only gets an arm cut but I am going to give it a nice carve look.

Time to stand the grain up and help steam out the deep scratches. This is a hard maple top not a soft maple. It is a real bear to get the scratches out of with normal sanding. So we steam the top a few times in between sanding to help speed the process. Also helps for water based dye later.

As it dries the grain stands up so you can sand it down.

Moving on to sculpting the headless and setting necks

Neck fixed up before gluing. I will probably reduce the heel even more but this is good enough for now.

Ok cut out for the neck pickup.

On to the next neck carve

And random picture. Trussrods after a bath in wax.

Neck set. Too cold in the garage for epoxy that night so into the dining room.

Time to get these two close

A few seconds with the router and template. Results clean neck pickup

Now we are just being excessive... but I was wet sanding the top with mineral spirits so why not shoot a few pics.