Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Headstock, Neck and Smoking Barrels

Drilling tuners in headstocks

Test fit on tuners

I have moved the nut seating process up in the chain. It is easier to properly set the nut while the fretboard is still flat. Also helps prevent scratches on finished fretboards.

Into the contraption.


The striations in the fretboard are not scratches but the grain of the bocote.

Headstocks get sanded out to 400 grit at this point as well because it is easier to do it at this stage.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Lazy Lazy Lazy...

I was pretty lazy this weekend. Just seemed too nice to be in the garage.

Here is the result of the headplate melt.

Side dots.

Took way longer to get here than it should have.

More side dots.

Wookie top sanded out.

Headplate and headstock shaped, maybe some side dots? Maybe not.

Secret projects.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Weekend felt longer than it was

Neck for the Red Witch II fresh from the CNC

And on to the body cuts.

While the CNC is running the body it is time to work on the headstock and fix the frets that are full of epoxy.

Glued up the head plate.

What is the CNC doing anyway?

Prepping the body blank for the unnamed guitar. The top and blank are really close to the size of an S9. I had to use the template and make sure it did not slip or move during the glue up.

All glued up

On the CNC we get a look at the body sides for the first time.

Time to fix up the headstock

And here we are

And back to the other 7 string I was working on that I changed my mind on its top. Finally decided on one. Figured Tigerwood.

Added the tigerwood headplate