Saturday, December 31, 2011

So its mechanical

So we are going to be mechanized this year.

We bought this.

Probotix Fireball Comet.

Then we built this for it.

First order of business is to learn how to cut pickup routes. And learn gcode...

This was taking too long so time to adjust feed rates and plunge depths. Speed this thing up a bit.
Also have to stop this thing from returning to zero after every pass.

Now that we can cut at a better speed we can check the fit. Very tight. Almost too tight as a pickup with cover is not going to fit at all.

A check against the old templates... much better. No more slop.

Running a test headstock template cut. Scale was off a little bit but I think this will work. Now back to the computer.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

S906_5 top on and edges cleaned

So this is the overhang that I bandsaw off. I could have done a better job trimming it to begin with and maybe saved enough for a single piece headplate but I did not want to cut this too small with the expensive top.

Edges sanded and worked the 80 grit scratches out of the center of the top. No need to clean up anymore as I still have to carve it.

This is why I use so many clamps. I am amazed at how clean the line is on this top using epoxy.

I really want to stay up all night and finish fitting this thing together... not sure when I will get more time to work on it. Ebony is amazing to work with. It sands and scrapes like a dream and doesn't clog the paper on sanders. Awesome stuff.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

S906_5 top going on...

Probably won't get back to this one until after T-day.

So a little T-88 and we have a top... A very decadent top. An 8.5mm decadent top. And a nice slab of Limba to use as a back.

After sanding them up we lay on some T-88 epoxy and clamp it up. I used the T-88 instead of the titebond on this one do to the wood types.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

1972 Kenmore Sewing Machine

Sorry mom... The 1972 Kenmore is being sacrificed for the good of pickup winding. So the great things to come out of this is the motor and the gearing. Pluses include a variable speed footswitch, a socket to plug the footswitch into and a switchable light.

More 8 string single coils

More 8 string single coils built from BKP HBs. I think this is the last batch of these I am doing. I am going to get some flatwork laser cut and go from there from now on.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Prototypes for sale.

If anyone is interested send me an email at guitarlogistics at gmail dot com.

Sunday, October 23, 2011




There are two others in this series Deguello (<-mine) and Degollina. Three telecasters for three brothers. Tres Telecasters Part 2 Neck : Maple Fretboard : Maple Scale : 25.5 Frets : 22 Trussrod : Double Expanding Truss Rod Body : Ash Tuners : Tone-Pros Pickups : Custom Hand Wound Vintage Telecasters Bridge : Gotoh Telecaster Electronics : Vol/Tone/3-way