Friday, October 29, 2010

Favorite candy...

What does your butterscotch look like? Mine is close... but not. Oh well. I will stick to my shredders and leave teles to the pros.

Nitro time...

Three coats of nitro

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Finishing the unfinished

Coated in oil and hanging around to dry.

A week later. The oil is finally dry. I have sanded the guitar up to 2000 grit using wet/dry paper and mineral spirits. It will take another day for the mineral spirits to gas off. Then we start on the final finish.

The padauk is all one color now. The oil darkened everything significantly.

The ribs of the maple are very visable now.

Truss rod cover made.

Working on Tres Teles

Getting ready for finishing. I had to build hangers in the "temporary paint booth".


So one of these gets a blade pickup. Tonight I made the blade and the flat work.

Friday, October 15, 2010

S907 #2 playing

Trussrod covers

Machine strung and playable. I will disassemble it tomorrow and start preping it for finishing. I use the blue tape to prevent pick scratches while testing.

Last few things for S906

Last few steps before stringing it. Did the fret dress last night (really happy with this one -- barely had to touch them) and polished the frets.

Last few things are setting the ferrules, getting the pickups made, cutting the nut, and wire up.

V Finishing up

I had to recess the string-thru ferrules to match the recessed bridge. Used a veritas bull nose rotary file. I like the way it looks...

Boring finishing photos. These are the initial coats of tru-oil. Once I get a color and feel I like I will sand it all flat. I am not sure what level gloss to use on this one. The high gloss looks really good but I originally planed on a satin finish. I wasn't even planning tru-oil but I used the initial coat of thinned tru-oil to even out the color. It looked so good I decided to throw a coat or two on it. The amber tint enhances the grain. Once the finish is flat I will make a decision on final finish. I might seal it with a coat of shellac and throw a few coats of lacquer on it for good measure.