Monday, November 19, 2012

T906_1 Updates...

First coat of oil and we are looking pretty good.

Covers are ready for lacquer.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

T906_1 Finishing time...

After 400 grit it is time for oil.

More oil..

Starting on the pickup covers. First thing to do is make an MDF core that fits in the cover tight. Then we drill the holes to match.

After making the slug we flip it over and use it as a guide to drill the other side of the cover.

50mm and 53mm done.

Time to age the covers. After some 120 grit scratches and fiebing oil dye it is time for vinegar. Place the covers in a tub filled with hot vinegar and wait.

The new drill press

Meet the new drill press. The Delta 18-900L. It is the quietest drill press I have ever owned.

Grinder Modifications... the guard was not helping.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

T906_1 the start...

T906 #1 El Mariachi

Body: Limba/Walnut Veneer/Ambrosia Maple Top/Chambered/34mm
Neck: Limba/Walnut Veneer/Maple Veneer/Macassar Ebony/18mm/44.5mm
Hardware: Hipshot Bridge/Hipshot Grip Lock
Scale: 25.5
Pickups: Dirt Bridge Humbucker/P90 Neck
Electronics: 3-Way/Vol (Push-Pull)

I had one last project to sneak in this year. The 9 Series singlecut prototype T9...I have a mini LP style single cut in the works but it is scheduled for late next year.

We are following my usual design methodology of taking something vintage and dragging it "kicking and screaming" into the modern world while trying to retain what I consider the important features.

For this model I am introducing chambering. However do to increasing idea theft I am not going to show it at this time. There are going to be two types of chambering available for this model. Weight reduction and Sound Chambers. This one has weight reduction. Moving forward I plan to keep the 9 Series within a specific weight range and will carry this type of chambering over to the S9 as well.

Also introducing a new 4+2 headstock design that I hope to translate into 7 and 8 string models as well.

I am designing a new P90 for this model that fits in a Humbucker route. Nothing new just adding to the versatility. I think on the second one I will do a traditional tele pickup config.

Enough jabber here is the work...

Ebony board on a Limba blank.

Ambrosia top has some really nice figure... too bad I am going to lose some to pickup routes.

Head plate and the works...

A look at the walnut veneers.

Sanding through the grits on the fretboard.

New headstock and the body are about ready.

The back... I have decided to leave out a belly cut or arm rest for this one. I think with the thin body and 3/16" radius edge I can probably get away with it.

Cleaning up the edges. When I do the new bench I will have a nice vise for this.

Random headstock pic.

Details details details...

Full shot before gluing the neck in...

Hardware check.

Tuner check.

Neck glued in... almost ready for finishing.