Wednesday, May 30, 2012

S906_5 close to being done...

And it has a name... meet the Sentinel.

Control plate start to finish.

S907_Express work...


Gluing tips on the headstock.

Fitting the necks to the bodies...

S907_4 Neck fit

Cleaning up the sides of the neck... no router on this one. Not risking tearout in the gabon.

Neck fit to the body.

Headplate made from the leftovers of the top.

Done. Gluing up in a few...

S906_6 Neck things...

How to fix tearout on a flamed fretboard without using CA and dust. Get a chisel. Chip a piece of flamed wood from a block. Spend an hour trying to line it up as best you can. Glue the piece in place with thick CA. Cut thin strands from the block and stuff them in any voids and refill with CA.

Sanded and cleaned up. By the time this is radiused I doubt anyone will know.

Fit the neck to the body.

A look at the back.

Time for the headplate.

Friday, May 25, 2012

S907_Express... going going gone.

Bad pictures of a great guitar. Assembled last night and tuned up... need to let it settle for a few days under tension then final setup and then "see ya". Tonight I will play it through the Mark IV and see if the pickups sound as good as they did last night in the headphones. First S9 to ever have a tone control... can't say it will ever happen again.

Pickups for the masses...

Making pickups is sometimes a bigger job than you want it to be. Doing them in batches makes more sense than individually...