Sunday, June 26, 2011

S906_4 neck set...

Back of the neck profiled.

Scarf joint close up and headstock.

Electronics cavity routed and laid out.

Time to carve. Burl is relatively soft so I am using a 100 grit paper on the sander for the carve.

Finishing up the carve.

Belly cut.

I trimmed up the heal area so that it is more comfortable... now I need to adjust the neck to it.

Adjusted heal.


About ready for the neck glue in. Just need to look it over a few more times before committing to it.

Carve turned out well. The burl causes optical illusions and make it seem rougher than it is in places.

I am going to have to deal with the knots and inclusion at some point. I have new System Three epoxy to try on these.

Gratuitous even.


Last shots before glue up.