Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Initial Hand of Doom Shots

These are just some early photos. I will get some better ones up as I finish up.

I still have work to do on the cavity covers and not sure about a trussrod cover. Also havea little fine tuning on the nut and intonation.

Not the best shot

7_B rough assembly

Rough assembly. Still needs a fret dress and I need to recess the bridge a 1/16" as the action is perfect but the bridge is bottomed out.


Control cavity has enough extra room for one switch... maybe. I am still on the fence about the plates. I think I am just going to do surface mounted black plastic but I still have time to figure out something.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Ebony 7 String Multiscale

Ebony 7 String Multiscale Bobbins in progress.


Second Coat gives better coverage. Just have to stay of the edges when I level it. After a week+ of curing I will put clear on it.


D5 Destroyer

Leveled. With the fluorescent finish you have to make sure it is completely white. Any dark spots will show through.

I just can't explain how Orange this is. Pictures do not do it justice. It is going to look cool next to the Red and Yellow RG550s.
The first coat doesn't really cover everything and it is blotchy. The good thing is you can lay the second coat on heavier.

Monday, June 21, 2010

7_B should get some time this week

Out of the clamps. I am going to do the test assembly and dress the frets this week.

7_B Frets and Neck

Use a 5/16" bit to drill the tuner holes then use my Stew Mac Rear Peghole Reamer to finish up.
You can see the shelf it puts in. The tuners fit so much better this way.

Getting ready to fret. It took just a few minutes to finish the radius on the board. Pre radiusing with the router bit saved me at least an hour.

Frets pressed in. I use a small bead of thick CA on the tang to help keep them in. Wenge makes an awesome fretboard. I didn't have a single fret pull up or not seat tight.

Fret ends cleaned up. Time to glue it in. Wait almost forgot to knotch for the neck humbucker... that would have made a mess.

That is better.

A little tape to keep the glue off the zebrawood.

Couple of clamps and wait.

Hand of Doom might never be finished...

Ordered a new can of EM6000 and am getting much better results this time. Should be done next week. It needs a sanding and 2 more coats as the seem in the back decided to show through at the last minute. This thing is possesed...

The EM6000 goes on milky white then as it dries it clears up nicely. The first batch must have frozen in shipping because the milky white would not disapear as it dried.

The new stuff looks pretty good and is going on flat.

This is a crazy shot of the top from underneath.