Monday, November 18, 2013

Last weekend

Aussie blackwood... Vic and Taz. With a ringed Gidgee fretboard to boot. No plan yet but glad to have them.

Needed a switch knob for the Blackguard. I could order one but this is a cheap prototype so lets grab a piece of ABS and make a knob. Can't be that hard. I didn't use the drill press to drill the hole so the first 2 ended up being a bit crooked. After finally getting a straight hole I rounded it on the belt sander, sanded it with a 180 grit sponge and buffed it on the buffer wheel.

This is why I hate using CA for a sealer. Big yellow discoloration. There are also yellow streaks on the front and it gums up the sand paper really quick.

3 coats of clear before going to the color. This way I can level it before the burst without worrying about cutting through.

After leveling we get ugly.

Sanding out the red witch II.

Time for decals. No more water slide decals for me.

Lets get oil

Starting on 2 new multiscale 7 strings.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Blackguard evolves...

Working on finishing up the red witch 2. Setting the neck.

Neck set cleaning up the heel.

Pretty easy to reach around.

On to the T9 Blackguard pickguard. Template first.

The dual blade neck pickup needs a bit larger hole than a traditional SC. The coil wires are not soldered up yet but I needed to make sure it fit.

Now lets fix the body carve I don't like.

Clamping up a body fix is always tricky

Fixed. I had to put the belly carve back because a bit of the original one was still there.

On to decals. Since this is going to be a beater prototype thing I want the decals to look worn out. Also want to make it look like I didn't sand the pine 2x8s I used for the body so we will add some marking to them as well. After that we will seal the body up with CA.

Once it is tested I will get some orangish butterscotch clear on this thing to make it look right.