Thursday, July 10, 2014

Caught in a mosh...

Solving the back of the guitar.

Clean up the neck and get it ready for oil

Decent upper fret access

Getting everything lined up. Regular pickups are not going to fit. Concious decision to keep the guitar thin. The 65 year old design is not the only way to build a pickup.

Much thinner designed pickup fits fine. I have several designs that are very thin enough for this design.

Mounting screws are tapped in to the plate. Long screws are not going to work well. The plate is .25" though so plenty of adjustment room without sticking out the back.

Shorter screws

Tuners installed

Closer. I did not get the string pull perfectly straight and there is a bit of fan in the strings after the nut. Good thing is it is realatively easy to make a new head piece. Heck of a lot easier than on an S9 set neck.

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